Monday, September 03, 2007

Political influence

BANGKOK, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Suree Sukha's hopes of becoming
the first Thai to play in the English Premier League have hit a setback after
his application for a work permit was rejected by the British
Fullback Suree had impressed Manchester City on a two-week trial,
but the Home Office refused him a permit as Thailand are ranked outside FIFA's
top 70 and he had not played in 75 percent of their international matches, the
Bangkok Post reported on Saturday.
Suree, who earns less than $300 a week in
the Thai league, said he was hopeful the club could pull a few strings to get
him on board.
- The Guardian.

No doubt this one will go to the appeals process (although someone at the club should have been aware of the criteria and that Suree failed to meet them) but interesting that Suree thinks the club 'could pull a few strings to get him on board'. Maybe back in Thailand, Dr Thaksin could intervene in such matter whilst he was running the country, but I'm not sure what political influence our new owner has in the UK as regards with work permit applications...

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Anonymous said...

Just how naive are you? No chance of political influence here? Nothing like "donations" for peerages for example or speeding a nannies work permit up. The only thing that was wrong is that these things normally go unsaid. Anyway what has the positioning of a national team got to do with it. Its about individual talent. Challenge the logic not bend the rules. They probably understood they would need to go to appeal.Its called due process. Step up your game Danny.

Kartik said...

"pull a few strings" Just like Alex Ferguson did to get Tim Howard a work permit when he didn't regularly play for the US National Team while regulars for the national team DaMarcus Beasley and Bobby Convey got their applications for work permits to play at Southampton and Spurs rejected the very same summer. Of course both Beasley and Convey eventually came over to England at got work permits, but they had to wait while Howard thanks to Man United influence over this process got away with robbery.

Danny Pugsley said...


I was attempting to be light hearted in suggesting that in his previous occupation our owner could certainly have swung things.

As for basing it on individual talent, I agree completely but there are rules currently in place and judging by some of the crap that ends up over here you could argue they need to be even tighter.

Having not seen this guy play maybe it is unfair to comment, but does anyone think he is anything but a boost for shirt sales over in Thailand?

Anonymous said...

Jim Cassells would never have put the lad forward had he not been a potential future signing for MCFC. I stopped being surprised at the Guardian's total negativity a few months ago. I'm totally disgusted by them.

Danny Pugsley said...

Caught a report (admittedly on Tribal Football) which suggested he may move to Grasshopers in Switzerland.

Not sure if this may be him being 'parked' in Europe for a couple of seasons?

Anonymous said...

Don't even bother to look at Tribal Football's postings any more. They take too long to load and they're full of crap. This does raise a serious issue though - if Thaksin is going to have an academy in Thailand and the US, how are we going to get them in? Presumably the US is in the top 70 after their last few World Cup efforts, but maybe we are going to have to send players over to Thailand to get them in the top 70. Interesting thought!