Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Corradi looking for long term Parma stay

Bernardo Corradi is overjoyed to be back in Serie A and
begs Manchester City to let him stay at Parma on a permanent basis.
“I know
everyone here, so it’s like returning to my family home and I am so happy to be
here again,” said the striker in his presentation Press Conference.

“When I arrived at Parma two years ago I knew it was a
one-season affair on loan and dreamed of winning back my place in the Italy
squad for the World Cup. Now my ambition today is to do so well that at the end
of the season I can ask Manchester City to leave me here

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rick, glos said...

yeah thats what i hope too bernie boy

Wigan Blue said...

I was one of his worst critics last season. But looking at things in a different time frame, what did M'Penza and Bianchi do on Sunday? They need fast, incisive wingers drilling crosses over. Didn't see any of that I'm afraid. OK, we've lost Petrov, but what's happening up the right side? Nothing. We need another SWP with a Sun to overlap. And we need exactly the same on the left.

Sven's right - it's going to take about four years until we're ready for the CL. But I'm looking for fun on the way!!