Tuesday, September 18, 2007

An Academy XI?

There has been plenty of discussion around our Academy and the youth players coming through in recent times, with Michael Johnson the latest to receive the plaudits following his winning goal against Villa on Sunday.

I came across an article on Setanta's site earlier today and profiled our top XI of youth players. The full article is here, but the XI they picked was as follows:

1: Mike Doyle
2: Peter Barnes
3: Shaun Wright-Phillips
4: Alan Oakes
5: Paul Lake
6: Neil Lennon
7: Neil Young
8: Micah Richards
9: Tommy Caton
10. Joe Corrigan
11: Sir Matt Busby


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Anonymous said...

Does Pardoe qualify? I think he would be worth a spot.

Wigan Blue said...

Of course Pardoe qualifies! Probably our best right-back of all time untile that dirty little shit-bag Best broke his leg in four places and left him haemmoraging to deat on the pitch in the Maine Road derby. End of career. Funny how many City players that happens to...

We've talked about this before in the "Praise for the Academy" post.

Of course. Matt Busby's signing was City's worst of all time - ever. We apparently persuaded him not to emigrate to the States, where he was going to take up patchwork-quilting. Just before he was thinking of going, the scum were so short of kit that Busby made them all patchwork tops - hence the term 'Rags'...