Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Pride Of Manchester

Some days your the statue some days your pigeon.

In today's Manchester Derby, City were undoubtedly the pigeon ! Dominated for a good 80% of the match a deflected goal from Geovanni saw the blues extend their 100% winning start to season and also keep the clean sheet record intact.

I'm torn between two minds as to whether we were lucky, to just say 'lucky' would disrespect the efforts of the likes of Richards and Dunne, we will leave the disrespect to Surly Alex who plunged new depths with his pre-match 'mind games' including a few swipes at Sven, Claiming not to know the name of several players we have signed, accusing city of been cloggers (before sending his team out with an obvious 'hit list') and generally acting like the cunt we all know him to be.

They do seem to take their lead from the purple nosed whisky soaked liar though, note the distinct lack of class from Mr Ferdinand on more than occasion and yet another display of the hypocrisy from the reds support as they wave their Argentina Flags. I don't know if they think it makes them look like 'cool rebels' or 'ironic' but I have other words for it. They took defeat with the class you would expect though as the scenes near the stewards confirmed.

Two really tough games coming up with Arsenal and Blackburn away sandwiching the Bristol City Carling Cup tie.

So for today enjoy these two : oooooooohhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

And raise a glass for Frank and Sven.

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Anonymous said...

Form is temporary, class is permanent.

Anonymous said...

And United have no class.........

Sven has stitched these boys together and to simply assume the absorbing of pressure wasn't by design is to seriously doubt Sven's genius. He always has been a counter attacking manager. It didn't work the way it should have with England, but the way we scored that goal is the way Sven wasn't us to play. Absorb pressure from the scum and hit them on the break when they least expect it, and then pack the back and hang on. That's what we did and we are now 7 points clear of the scum! What a great day!

weenie said...

I posted a couple of photos on my blog if you care to check - brilliant to see the scum beaten!