Friday, August 03, 2007

Clever football

Phil over at Soccer Shout has set up a new venture - which is basically a social network for football fans, 'to provide a fun place for football fans to come and do stuff to enhance the experience of following the game'.

For anyone interested in this sort of thing, hop on over and take a look around.

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Anonymous said...

fuck off danny it sounds shit

CF Admin (Phil) said...

I must say, I hate the term 'social network' - even though that's undeniably what it is.

I'm not big fan of MySpace and Facebook, "thanks for the add", who has the most friends, and all that crap.

Right now, the site lets anyone post a link up to something that's footy-related - YouTubes, blogs, newpapers, discussions, etc.

The tags let other people know what it's all about. E.G a link to a post on Danny's blog might be tagged 'man city' and 'javi garrido'.

Then another user can just read the links tagged with 'man city' to get just what they want.

Pretty soon, we'll have a 'twitter for footy fans', which will let you very quickly blog a 1 or 2 sentence soundbite of whatever you have on your mind. You can then just read the soundbites from Man City fans to get an ongoing flow of short comments about your team.

(End of advert)