Friday, August 24, 2007

Arsenal prediction

After riding high after the first three games with a 100% record and no goals conceded, this is certainly a game which could bring things back down to earth a little.

Arsenal away is a fixture that brings a little trepidation given our less than stellar history in this encounter, but it will be a good test of the progress made and our ambitions for this season.

Arsenal have taken four points from two games this season but have stuttered a little, particularly in their opener at home where they cam from behind against Fulham to win 2-1. It could be a similar scenario to last weeks derby where the opposition have plenty of possession and territory but struggle to break through something which has been an achilees heel for Arsenal in the past.

I don't see us struggling to keep possession and create as little as we did last week and we should go into this game with a definite degree of confidence, and I think we are well capable of coming away with a point in this one - something most of us would take.

A 1-1 draw with Arsenal again equalising after going behind in a game at The Emirates.

A look from the opposition:

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Anonymous said...

Being an Arsenal fan i must to some extent agree with you. On the other hand I DO believe you will struggle to keep possession. Let's be honest; you beat West Ham (?) on the opening day and you beat Derby, the worst team to ever grace a premiership turf, 1-0 AT HOME and you fluked it against a struggling ManU. Don't get me wrong, I love ManC 'cause they always try to play good, attacking football (Hughes and Allardyce, are U listening?) and on their day they can upset any team. However I don't think you should get your hopes ut TOO much, but maybe tomorrow at 5 I will be eating those badly chosen words. Good luck and all the best. Here's to a entertaining match!

Anonymous said...

The only reason arsenal stuttered was because of lehmann; we would have had 6 points. I also agree that you will struggle to keep possession. For Arsenal any thing less than a win is a failure so expect us to take this game. BTW unlike RVP I don’t support a team who has a crook as an owner.

Anonymous said...

I am a city fan, but I have to say I agree with RvP. Yes we have some new exciting talent in the team and yes the future looks bright. But 1 swallow doesn't make a summer, as they say (or in our case 3 swallows). So far we have beaten poor opposition and got completely outplayed by United and got very very lucky.

The other factor that everyone seems to have forgotten is that Sven has had almost no time to mould the team into how he wants us to play. What was so obviously lacking under Pearce was any sort of strategy or game plan, let alone any plan B if it didn't work out.

Some of the player Sven bought have only been on the payroll 2 weeks! And worse, since the Man U game, what chance has their been for further training with the international friendlies in the week? He only gets the full squad back for training today. So he has 1 day to sort out the mess that was our performance against United, ready to take on Arsenal away.

Sad though it is for me to say it, I don't see us scoring against Arsenal and I think Arsenal are too good not to score. I predict a 2-0 win to Arsenal.

If it happens, I hope it doesn't burst our bubble. We are not expecting to be in the top 4 this season, and therefore we can't really expect to beat Arsenal away.

Anonymous said...

As an Arsenal fan I must commend City for their showing on and off the pitch. Our two opening games were disgusting affairs by both the ref(Fulham) and then the blackburn players who proved what a dirty bunch of fukkers they truely are. This game I feel will be played and not forced. I have never worried about playing city at home but under SGE they are a different prospect. Yes they were lucky against United but I always say when a team can win games they dont deserve then they are on the right trek. Good luck for this weekend...I really mean that. Even though I believe we will win.

Anonymous said...

As an Arsenal I agree, City will have more of the ball than last week but they'll face a more varied attack with RVP and Adebayor up front and Eduardo and Bendtner to come on and hopefully Walcott can show his under-21 form.
I'm still slightly nervous with the thought of Senderos coming back for Gallas though. I think City will get some chances. All depends on that important first goal how the game goes...

Anonymous said...

City a crook for an owner? Where's your evidence? A tin pot military junta that deposed a democratically elected leader? Time for you to go for a goosetep me thinks. Gertcha

Anonymous said...

I can see us (City) holding our own, and think it could go either way. Derby and Utd both tried fairly sucessfully to stop us playing.
Arsenal at home won't do that, and Elano & co will have a bit more freedom.
The absence of Gallas, plus Lehmans dodgy form will means they will be a little more vulnerable at the back. Expect a few long-range shots from the likes of Geovani, Johnson and Petrov to test their keeper.
That said, this will be a real test for our re-arranged defence.

Anonymous said...

As an Arsenal fan and came from Asia, I do really want to say something for "A tin pot military junta that deposed a democratically elected leader?" ...It is time for you to know what human right group said to him. He is rich not only from Thai people money, doing business with neighbour Military Dictators, avoid taxation, try to buy the liverpool with Thailand gvernment treasury and 2006 Military coup happened because political unstable and corruption because of him. So if you dont know about anything, please dont talk about him and just enjoy the football. Arsenal going to win.

Anonymous said...

Been away from the net for a couple of weeks, but I made it to the Derby (still hoarse, 'cause we sang our boys home). First chance to comment on things.

1. Unless we have the fastest back four in the Premier, the scum have bought a donkey in Tevez. They never broke our defense in open play throughout the whole match. Our lads had a yard on them every time.

2. Having watched Nedum for the U21s, and Micah for England, I'm starting to think that we may well have the fastest back four in the Premier. Given Dunney's amazing turn of speed (and both Micah and Nedum are faster), I'm actually looking forward to the Arsenal match as a truer test of our defense (I know Nedum didn't play, but....)

3) We need to work on a couple of things. Man-marking at set pieces. The only chances the scum got at our goal was from set pieces, and the ball was bouncing around our area like nobody's business. Sven can stop that. Overlapping on the wings. Our new lads just need to get to know the heart of the team better.

4) Several posters mentioned that we were lucky. MUFC 3 shots on target. 0 goals. MCFC 2 shots on target. 1 goal. Get stuffed!

Anonymous said...

funny that, arsenal fan from asia.....i think you might find he made his money from the telecom business before he even entered politics. Stick to your football your politics is shite. ...... that said, i think city will struggle against arsenal, BUT, ive had it hammered in my ears for years that the sign of a good side is one that can play crap and still win, the 3 points from the rags last week is a prime example. That said, i really think ericsson will never play for a draw and that might be our undoing this time.

Anonymous said...

Very sad to know that RUDE City fan like thrillhammer made bad image for MCFC supporters.
Hey Do you know how many border countries Thailand has? What is ASEAN mean? Do you know he was supporting and doing business with biggest dictator in the world? That military regime is doing drugs trafficking, force labours, underage child soldiers, raping to ethnic minority women? Firstly, you need to learn your Geo knowledge and then go for Asia politic. I know he was already rich and didn't say because of power, but he used power to becomer more and more. Do you know that after Military coup, those retired general give power back to Thai people and now they are doing election. Still thinking your city chairman is innocent? Google it. But our Arsenal boys will do the great job. Learn good attitude thrillhammer.

Anonymous said...

Thrillhammer, eat Fab goal, its enough for 3 points, if RVP score, there should be 2-Nil. Thaksin will bless you.

Anonymous said...

Official: Man City 2007/8 are for real. I was at the game today and it was tough. Richards and Dunne were rocks and the keeper, despite some flaps, was excellent. Your great fans and proper football team forced all the Arsenal - crowd and players - to seriously up our game to get a result. Keep it up.