Sunday, July 22, 2007

Carlstad United 0 City 4

The brief tour of Sweden ended on a succesful note with City completing a winning double with a win earlier, and again saw Rolando Bianchi and Bernardo Corradi on the scoresheet in a 4-0 victory.

Whilst not a second string side, there were opportunities for the likes of Hart, Dabo, both Mills defenders and Hamman to try and impress the new boss but Bianchi will probably grab the headlines with a brace to boost his confidence as he begins life as a City player.

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Anonymous said...

Have not been so wound up about a new season in years, not since Mercier and Allison.
They both sounded off about what we were going to do and it was from confidance in thier ability to deliver.
Sven is doing the same, gee us up, gee the team up, the guy knows what he is doing, the circle has turned, 41 years and it has come back round.
For all you younger guys I danced on the pitch at Newcastle when we won the League the good times have been a while returning but rejoyce and believe, they are back !!!!

Anonymous said...

It feels good to be a Blue right now. Lets face it we're well due.

Anonymous said...

2nd Division Championship (last game against So'ton) was 1966. We had a 'consolidating' year in the Prem in 1967, when we scared teams like Leeds (who were going like a train at the time) and followed that up by winning the League.

So I take it that 'Anonymous' is counting back to that Second Division Championship.. Good things going on that season outside the football world "Wild Thing", Dave Dee, Dozy blah blah blah. That was a good time to be a City supporter! It was a good time to be a lad in Manchester. Think we're just entering another
era like that.

Anonymous said...

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