Saturday, June 30, 2007

Torres bid reported

Reports in Spain suggest that Manchester City have lodged a
bid for Fernando Torres but the Spanish international is still set for a move to
It is believed that three clubs, Liverpool, Internazionale and
Man City have met the demands of Atletico for their prized striker.
-Sky Sports.

Since the takeover and appoint of Eriksson was (all but) confirmed this week there have been countless reports and speculation about 'top ten' lists and potential targets to be brought into the club, but none quite so as outlandish as this one.

Regardless of the fact that the bid is doomed to failure as Torres seemingly has his heart set on a move to Anfield, I hope the bid isn't a signal that certain players are going to be targeted for the sake of grabbing a headline or the new regime trying to prove to the fans how serious they are.

The current squad is already two top players (Barton and Distin) light whilst two more regulars (Weaver and Ball) are in limbo with their contracts having run down. It is clear that there needs to be an influx of five or six players who are of good first team calibre to take us forward, and now matter how good a player Torres is (of which I'm not wholly convinced), there needs to be far more work done on the squad than landing one or two marquee names.

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Anonymous said...

We are reported to bid a record amount up there with the big boys and you moan about it, how strange you are. Be patient and let things unfold, Frank has a master plan, you'll see.

Anonymous said...

Moaning when we dont bid for players, and then moaning when we do bid for players.

There is just no pleasing some fans.

Anonymous said...

Amazing!! There is no pleasing some City fans.

We reportedly bid for a world class striker and all you can do is whinge and moan about it!

Incredible. I suppose you'd be more happy with the likes of Alan Smith and Marlon Harewood and a subsequent bottom half finish!

Some City fans will moan about ANYTHING!

Anonymous said...

c'mon, we all know torres wont be happy sat on the bench whilst samaras and corradi do their stuff.......yeah right!!!!

Anonymous said...

Torres won't come unfortunatly as he is a world class player and he wants Champions League football but I think its a step in the right direction and hopefully we will continue the trend to look at younger players rather than has-beens.

Strap your seat belts on Blues and prepare for a rollor coaster ride!!!

Anonymous said...

the reason torres is thinking about leaving atletico is because he wants european football. you are just wasting your time or trying to headline grab. Inter milan are more of a threat to pinching him from us than you ( and italian football isn't exactly popular in spain). I am confident he'll be a red very shortly.

Anonymous said...

This can be nothing more than an attempt by the would be new owner to get some headlines for himself, and as such it's very worrying. Like you said, there's not much point spending that much money on one player when we have no cover at the back, and a midfield where the most likely starter of the current squad is Johnson, and he would play in midfield assisted by, er, oh yes, Ireland, and any two from the South Stand.

Anonymous said...

why spend so muchon one player-without any EPL experience-when you could go for Huntelaar/Alves for probably 10 mill or even Nugent 8 mill. and perhaps do a Berbatrov (doubling his value in a season).
Needless to say that both midfield and defence requires strengthening so why blow 50 mill away.
Also for alot of us, still have a lot of getting use to the "New" CITY(even though the ongoing saga continues intypical City style)Money being thrown seemingly around
as if it is out of fashion-Real Madrid for opening game-SVG reported wage....
Am all the same excited, but miss already the "good old days".

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why so many city fans are so negative on the money we spend. Yes we need to be cautious and learn from are previous mistakes.However we are now owened by a billionaire with deep pockets looking to establish city among the elite of the premiership and european football.It appears to me that even if we do not get Torres Thaksin has made his intentions very clear. Sit back and enjoy the ride!!!!

Anonymous said...

Surely this is just an attempt by the prospective new owner to flex his financial muscles. He knows that Torres would not sign for City, it is all part of the media circus he his trying to create.

Danny Pugsley said...

If I thought this was a serious bid for a player who would be interested then I would be right behind it.

However, there is no way Torres would be interested in a move, and (perhaps I am being cynical) I don't see it as anything other than headline grabbing, that was the point I was trying to make.

Simon-Peter Vickers-Buckley said...

"Thaksin has made his intentions very clear"

Agreed. That is exactly the point.

Maybe not this season, maybe not the next...

Anonymous said...

Torres would be good. Another Colin Bell would be good - why not check out local teams for real talent? (No I don't want another debate about whether there ever could be another Colin Bell)

We are supposed to have feelers out for every 'semi' available player - Reo-Coker, Benayoun, Yakubu (I would have said let Pompey have him, but Nedum might be able to get something out of him).

The point is, I don't believe we have any feelers out at all. I think we are paralysed until Frank Sinatra takes over. It may be that people are whispering in other people's ears to hold on, but nothing is happening.

There was a postal strike on Friday, but I would have thought that most of the postal share acceptance certificates would have got through by today.

Last time I looked there had been 30 something thousand shares sold today (Monday). To get his 75% (correct me if I'm wrong) he needs around 2.5 million.

Sounds like we could be fixed up with a new manager in just over 2 years at this rate.

And Coleman's gone, so it'll have to be - W.......

Anonymous said...

re:Yakubu at least each team he has played forin the EPL he has scored 10-15 goals a season-and thats whilst playing for mediorce sides.But surely his game is similar to Mpenza(?).
Hopefully the share bizness will be over very soon because there is alot of catching up to do both on the transfer side and preparation for the season etc.