Monday, June 18, 2007

No news is no news

THAKSIN Shinawatra, the would-be owner of Manchester City,
has had a further £123million frozen by authorities in Thailand.
The Asset
Examination Committee froze £830m last week, believed to be from the sale of
telecommunications company Shin Corp.
After that initial suspension of funds
Shinawatra's representatives insisted that the ex-Prime Minister of Thailand
still had enough funds to complete the takeover deal.

This coming only hours after he apparantly 'assured' the board that he has sufficient funds in place to continue with the takeover, and that a deal could be completed 'this week'.

I guess it is the dog days of summer news wise at the moment as the slightest inkling of news is sending most of the media outlets scurrying to fill up the required column and online inches.

This is none moreso than with any 'news' of the impending managerial appointment. From today's newsfeeds the press is split between the opinion that either Sven-Goran Eriksson or Juande Ramos were set to be appointed, although the weekend brought us new candidates in the shape of Didier Deschamps,Mark Hughes, Jean Tigana and Chris Coleman.

One thing is for certain with all of this. Whoever is ultimately appointed will have beaten off the biggest ever reported shortlist in managerial history.

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Anonymous said...

Only City could find a billionaire with NO money!

You couldn't make it up.

mamucium said...

It would appear that we don't even have the Billionaire anymore. Sky Sports are reporting that he has to be back in Thailand by 29th June to face charges or he'll be arrested. Brilliant!