Monday, June 25, 2007

MP questions Shinawatra takeover

Thanks to Ed for the link on this story.

It seems that the subject of our takeover (and Dr. Shinawatra in general) has made parliament.

The right honourable David Taylor MP (Leicester NW) has waded into the issue, asking the Sports Minister Richard Caborn:

"The Stevens inquiry into corruption has shrunk to
investigating just 17 transfer deals whilst wide concerns about the
vulnerability of clubs to takeover by international moguls and politicians
remain unaddressed.
"Will you say what protections, for instance, the
Manchester City supporters have against the attentions of the unsavoury Thaksin
Shinawatra or is it forever the fate of football fans to be fleeced by flaky
foreign financiers?"

Caborn replied to Taylor that he wanted to avoid the top flight becoming "a billionaire's playground" and intended to meet the football bodies.

As Ed pointed out, quite what the issue of a takeover of a football club based in Manchester has to do with an MP responsible for Leicester NW is anyone's guess, and by associating the 'unsavoury' Shinawatra with the phrase 'flaky foreign financier' is a little rich perhaps considering that Leicester City (his local club) have in recent times been taken over by Milan Mandaric.

Whatever the outcome of Shinawatra's tenure at the club, if not for nothing it is certainly set to be an interesting time, and undoubtedly will command a high media profile.

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Anonymous said...

bit rich coming from one of our whiter than white politicians

Anonymous said...

Yeah - saw that. Sent David Taylor MP an e-mail asking how he thought that the democratically elected PM of Thailand was less worthy than Milan Mandaric - thrown out as 'untrustworthy' by the communist government of Serbia. I'll keep you informed....

Anonymous said...

Hmmm sounds like a jealous rag to me

Anonymous said...

dont worry our beloved leader will deal with these dissenters in his own way and time .

Anonymous said...

From David Taylor:

"The whole question here is whether the rash of foreign billionaires
acquiring UK football clubs are all 'fit and proper' persons. Richard
Caborn seems to have his doubts; so do I. Just browse the charge sheet
for some of them - unsurprising that they are often reluctant to return
home to face legal process - even where security is assured.

Rescuing great football clubs should not exempt them from the rule of

Typical politician - said nothing, and didn't answer the question!

Anonymous said...

The main differences between Dr Thaksin and other
Thai politicians are two: (1) he was very rich before
entering politics, (2) he has focused on getting
things done (eg fighting drugs and helping people
studying). He is the only politician that I have any
respect for (I am 40 years old and a PhD).

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment Mr Anonymous. Any chance you could expand on both of your points? My Thai contacts in this country feel that they want him back as PM asap.