Monday, June 11, 2007

City Take Over 'Frozen Out'

So 7 weeks on from the initial announcement that the board were in 'preliminary discussions' regarding investment, and 5 weeks since they announced they were in 'advanced discussions' the plug may or may not have been pulled on Dr Shinawatra's potential buy out following the Thai authorities unsurprising move to 'Freeze' his assets held in Thailand.

The Nation - Thai governments 'propaganda' paper


According to who you are speaking to this is a 'deal breaker' as he was using city to remove funds from Thailand - was expected and he has already got 1.5 billion out of the country - forces Wardles hand as the 60 day appeal period would take us into the new season.

Add in to the mix the Mysterons , sorry mystery Americans who are reputed to only be bidding for part of the club (Wardle and Makins Share) and the fact that no 'real' reasons were given for Ray Ransons bid getting short thrift and it all becomes clear.

Sorry no it doesn't ! I really don't have a clue whats going and neither do 99.99% of message board users / amateur journo's / bloggers. See the Koeman betting 'spree; from this week as conclusive proof.

What I do know is that Messers Warnock and Souness don't have clubs at the moment.......

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