Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wigley and Woan axed

The club today announced that Steve Wigley and Ian Woan have left the club following Stuart Pearce's sacking.

Both coaches were of course brought to the club by Pearce, with Wigley in particular taking on a greater role over his time at the club. Neither move is a surprise though as the club continues to clear the decks ahead of the arrival of the new manager and ownership.

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Anonymous said...

what about faz?

Anonymous said...

what about tueart and mackintosh? when are they packing their bags?

Anonymous said...

A touch of ruthlessness? At City? I remember seeing a TV shot of SP and Wigley looking at the pitch, and both were scratching their heads - What do we do to change this?

Feel a little sorry for Woan, although I don't know the guy. He'd only been there two weeks. His Mrs has probably got him signed up for a full kitchen & bathroom conversion!