Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shinawatra makes formal bid

Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra has made a
formal bid to take over English soccer club Manchester City, his spokesman said
on Saturday.
"What I can say now is we have tendered a bid for the team,"
Thaksin's lawyer Noppadon Pattama told Reuters by telephone.
Thaksin, who has
not returned to Thailand since a bloodless military putsch in September, made an
indicative proposal to Manchester City earlier this month but no further details
have been released since.
"We had to be silent because we had to follow the
stock regulations as we are trying to buy a listed company," said Noppadon.
leading Thai newspaper said on Saturday that a 100 million- pound deal had
already been reached, but Noppadon said this was premature.
"The deal is not
formally or legally concluded yet," he said when asked to comment on the Thai
Rath report.
The report also said billionaire telecoms tycoon Thaksin would
become club chairman and that he wanted to bring in former Chelsea coach Claudio
Ranieri to replace sacked manager Stuart Pearce.
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guvnor said...

Well done just reporting the facts. Not like The trust site, they are trying to stir shit as usual.

Anonymous said...

Guvnor - I've been looking at the Trust people for a while and they ask important questions. I for one would hate to see the club eventually screwed because we hadn't thought it through properly and had just seen nothing but money. I want this bloke to come in with his millions and make us into a real force. I don't want him disappearing after two years and leaving us in the shit. The questions the Trust people are asking will help us find out what the case is likely to be. It isn't negativity or shit stirring. It's concern about what's gonna happen to City in the long run. The last team to think short term and not worry about the future was Leeds - look where they are now. I guess that's what you want for City - sure you're not a Rag in disguise?

Anonymous said...

Stop this. People have been listening to newspaper garbage. I decided to ask a young Thai lady (the girlfriend of one of my co-workers). Her english is very broken, but once she understood who I was talking about, she had no hesitation. "In Thailand we like him very much. Not like others, he help people." I wish our bloody politicians did.

He isn't going to get extradited, because he's the legally elected Prime Minister of Thailand, and has been illegally thrown out by a military coup. If the military government ever decides to call an election, he'll be elected again. He had problems with drug smuggling, child prostitution and child pornography. It's a funny thing that. So do I.