Monday, May 07, 2007

League Cricket Yearbook

Something that I have been working for the most part of this year is a publication called the League Cricket Yearbook.

The synopsis of the book(s) is as follows:

With full details of every cricket club and league in
the North East and Yorkshire below County Championship level, including 2007
fixtures, past results and league tables, historical league winners, directions
to grounds and contact details, the "League Cricket Yearbook" edition will be an
indispensable guide to cricket grounds and data for the 2007 Northern cricket
season. With over 500,000 cricketers regularly playing the game at club level
across the country during the summer, the "League Cricket Yearbook", which will
eventually encompass five editions ("North East", "North West", "Midlands",
"South East" and "South West") is set to become the 'Rothmans Annual' of club
cricket. It will include lead editorial features focussing on player and
spectator behaviour and guest columns from well-known figures within the game.
Following on from the successful monthly "League Cricket Review" magazine,
previously published by Empire Publications, but discontinued when Andy Searle
left Empire, this annual publication will provide a comprehensive round-up of
everything club secretaries and cricketers need to know from where to buy
equipment to how to organise tours. The book is accredited by the

Ahead of the launch of the book, there is currently the opportunity to purchase at a discounted price of £8.99 (for a single copy, £6.99 for 2-19 copies and £6 for 20 copies or more.

For further details contact myself at or Know The Score Books at

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Anonymous said...

Wow, and I thought the Blues were boring.

Anonymous said...


I thought this was a CITY blog? What's with all this cricket rubbish?

You'll be writing about 10 pin bowling next!

Stick to writing ON TOPIC, please. It IS a CITY blog!

Anonymous said...

I for one would welcome a ten pin bowling blog. I especially like the shoes, they are right up my alley!

Anonymous said...


Cricket on a City blog?

Just DUMB, man!

Danny Pugsley said...

Not going to go down as one of my most popular posts I guess...