Thursday, May 31, 2007

Help wanted

I (along with some of the other City blogs) was contacted by a Robin, who is a student at Brighton University and is writing a dissertation on fans views of German footballers in the Premiership (and leagues preceeding it).

Robin sent me the following email outling a request from all City fans who would be interested:

From : German Footballer
Sent : 30 May 2007 09:11:28
To :
Subject : Rösler and Trautmann

Dear ManCity Fans,

I am a postgraduate student at the University of Brighton and my MA-dissertation is concerned with fan views on German players in English professional football. At the centre of my research are five players including ManCity's Uwe Rösler (1994-1998) and, of course, Bert Trautmann.

It is vital for my thesis to know especially fom the fan's perspective how and why Rösler became a cult figure in Manchester. I found some stuff about Trautmann, but I could not figure out why, when and how Rösler became a City hero. As you maybe remember, he came to the club in March 1994 on loan from Dynamo Dresden.

At the beginning of the next season he got a proper contract and was already very popular. Fans created an own song for him which ended at the end of the year in the creation of a special t-shirt saying "Uwe's granddad bombed Old Trafford". I really need to find out how his relationship with ManCity fans started, whether you loved him straight away (maybe because of your positive experience with Trautmann) or because of any special thing that happened.

Would be great if you could help in any way (fan contacts, books, articles, your own experience). If you know people who might be able to tell me their view, please ask them to write to this email address. Anyone who answers should, if possible, tell his name, hisage, for how long he has been a City supporter and how he follows the team (TV, internet, newspaper, stadium) so that I get an idea of his involvement with the club. I am really desperate and I would appreciate it very much if you could assist me with this problem. Maybe you could post it on your fan-site?

Thank you in advance and best regards,Robin.

I believe that Robin has had a decent response so far from City fans, so if any of you are interested please drop him a line.

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Anonymous said...

Why was Uwe a hero? He scored goals - simple as. Check into Mary Dee's before any match - you'll hear the Uwe song. Sometimes we sing it in the ground when Bernardo is boring us too much.