Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dunne scoops Supporters Club Player of the year

In news that really should have been making the headlines, but will be relegated to a couple of column inches in the wake of Barton-gate, Richard Dunne has again been named as Player of the year by the official supporters club.

Dunne wins the honour for the third consecutive season (itself a record?), and is joined in the roll of honour by Micah Richards who won the Young Player of the year award and Ched Evans who was named Most Promising Academy player.

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Wigan Blue said...

I love it. Every supporter of other teams has an impression of Roly-Poly Dunne. Slow, poor tackler, no good when he comes forward. But - we know what he's like - he's kept us up this season (along with Joey Barton, but that's another story). No - keep it to a few column inches. Let opposing managers think the same thing. That's OK. He knows what we think of him.