Monday, April 23, 2007

Be careful what you buy

Perhaps the former Thai PM needs to check exactly what he will getting for his money if this story is anything to go by.

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Anonymous said...

Probably best to let him buy the club first (or at least throw a shitload of cash our way) before letting him know!!

But just to lighten the mood, Paul Scholes is being his usual talkative and chatty self infront of the camera again

Wigan Blue said...

I liked the one about the catering improving 1000% if the Middle Eastern/Thai/Chinese consortium took over. Someone seriously needs to look at that.

Seriously - the guy does seem to be a real football supporter - and how many US businessmen can claim that?

If you've got the money - bring it on - we need two strikers at 20 and 30 million, and two midfielders at 25 million each.

Not in that league? Join the Americans....