Sunday, April 22, 2007

Barton creates headlines again

Joey Barton's interview yesterday has dominated most of the post-game talk following the Watford game with most of the press and papers picking up the story today - some with more of a sensationalist angle than others.

He certainly doesn't pull any punches about a number of topics, ranging from investment, transfers, players and coaching and whilst it is refreshing to see such honesty from a footballer in today's game, you wonder what the dressing room reaction to it is likely to be?

A full audio transcript of his interview with BBC Manchester is over at

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Anonymous said...

Everything he said was right i'm glad to see that some players care about the club

Kartik said...

Given the (LACK OF)amount of money we've spent on transfers we're lucky we aren't in the drop zone. Pearce despite his growing pains as a manger deserves some credit for that.