Monday, March 19, 2007

Warnock hit out at Southgates 'favour to Pearce'

In the wake of our 2-0 victory over Middlesbrough which kept our six point gap over Charlton intact, and in the process dragged several other teams back into the relegation mix, Sheffield United manager Neil Warnock has accused Gareth Southgate manager of giving a favour to Stuart Pearce because of the friendship they have.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Warnock ranted:

"Personally I think it is a disgrace. I know Stuart is a
friend of Gareth Southgate's and I know they've got Manchester United, but I'd
love to see them lose the next six games....I think it's scandalous and I don't
think a club like Middlesbrough should disrespect Sheffield United or Charlton
or anyone else scrapping for their lives.
"I'm absolutely disgusted to say
the least. Take those three out of the team and they are a shadow."

With West Ham on the horizon, Warnock even speculated that Southgate could decide to rest key players against West Ham this weekend to aid Alan Curbishley's bid for survival:

"They play West Ham on Saturday, that's another pal of his,
so they'll probably not bother there. How he imagines us not to be disappointed
I don't know, and I'm sure Alan Pardew feels the same".

Whilst there is no doubt that we were helped by the absence of Viduka, Yakubu and Woodgate, maybe Warnock is looking to deflect a little attention away from the current plight of his own side, whose recent form has seen them sink like a stone to now look the most likely of the sides at the bottom to be leapfrogged by the bottom three.

Southgate is entitled to play whichever players he feels, and to suggest he saw fit to aid our survival bid as a 'favour' to a friend is ridiculous. Perhaps Warnock would be better served looking at the administrators who decided to schedule FA Cup replays 48 hours after a Saturday fixture to aid England's Euro 2008 campaign.

Remember last season, did Stuart Pearce do a 'favour' for Paul Jewell ahead of our FA Cup tie against West Ham, or (as entitled to do so) did he rest players ahead of a game which was then (as Middlesbrough's game is now) the most important remaining one of the season?

Many people seem to feel Warnock's 'honesty' is refreshing in the Premiership this season, but at times he comes across as a man on a mission to rail against all and sundry who he believes are targetting him and his club.

And with this new instance, it only comes across as the paranoid ranting of a manager whose side are now seriously under pressure down at the bottom of the table.

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Wigan Blue said...


Anybody really notice the absence of Yakubu or Viduka? Thought not, because they were there you pillock.

Along with the rest of the team, their heads were at tonight's game, so it was a case of snip-snap - thankyou very much. I agree I don't think we'll ever see a case of such lax marking (Distin & Hamann) or of a team so concentrating on not getting too tired or booked.

I don't care - and we've already sorted you at yours, so let's see what you've got!

Anonymous said...

I'd love it, just love it if this Dickhead were to go right back down again.

Jamie said...

did it not occur to him that Chelsea fielded a weakened team against Sheff United last week, yet played a full strength team against City in the 1-0 defeat at Eastlands.

Wigan Blue said...

Sorry Anonymous.

I feel sorry for Watford, who've been trying their hearts out, but just haven't had the quality. But Charlton and West Ham have to go down after what they did to their managers. Charlton especially - and SP should put an extra little bit of spice into our training for that one.

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