Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Relegation watch

UPDATE with the Easter weekend games:

With an interesting set of results, and a couple of teams idle on Monday (West Ham and Sheffield United), you really do have to think the final two relegation spots will come from five teams (West Ham, Sheffield United, Charlton, Wigan and Fulham).

Charlton hauled themselves out of the bottom three over the weekend whilst Wigan picked up another couple of points.

Biggest winners? Ourselves of course - who'd have thought we'd have hit the forty point mark at Easter? Most were nervous we'd get there by the end of the season...

Although I think 38 points should be enough to ensure safety, I don't think anything will be cut and dried until the 40 point target is hit.

Below is the bottom eight with the number of games remaining (GR), current points total (PTS) and target points to hit the 40 mark (TARGET).

City 6 40 achieved April 9th
Boro 5 39 1
Villa 5 39 1
Fulham 5 35 5
Wigan 5 34 6
Charlton 5 32 8
Sheff Utd 6 31 9
West Ham 6 29 11
Watford 5 23 17* no longer possible

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Anonymous said...

38 points will be more than enough to avoid the drop; unfortunately, thats about 5 points more than our inept team can ultimately expect to reach, IMHO. The deafening silence from a Board so utterly in denial they show no sign of putting Pearce under any pressure, should ensure we continue our inexorable drift into the relegation oblivion. Our only hope of survival is the removal of the awful wigley and the demotion or removal of pearce himself. Get keegan, george graham, anyone really, to come in for the remaining games and try to knock some sense of passion & cohesion into this ragbag bunch of misfits, losers and cretins, otherwise there's every chance we'll not even make it to third from the bottom. Whatever happened to us as fans - the 'swales out' and 'forward with franny' campaigners and passion we have seems to have evaporated. We should be screaming for pearce's head and the removal of wardle, but like the club itself, we seem to be sitting back and accepting the inevitable with the kind of complacency we normally only expect to see on the pitch.

Anonymous said...

Boy I didn't realize how good Carlos Tevez was until this match. Now I can see why West Ham risked so much to obtain him but for whatever reason it took him 6 months to break the first team. What a player he'll be for some other EPL team next season.

Wigan Blue said...

Not doing so well at the moment - keep your chins up lads! Come on - Ball was far worse than this, Tutu boy Coppell was worse than this, Alison (second time around) was far worse than this! Cheer up lads - only Blackburn to beat and we're in the next round. What kind of Blues are you?

weenie said...

City should be safe now and with United dropping points at the weekend, the Manc derby could be even more interesting than normal!