Monday, March 05, 2007

The answer to our goalscoring woes?


"George Michael has announced that he will be playing at the
City of Manchester Stadium on Friday 15 June as part of his British and European
stadium tour.
Having sold-out in mere minutes, ‘25 Live’ entertained over
650,000 delighted fans over the course of a 49 date tour, in 11 different
countries, receiving unprecedented praise from fans and press alike".

Could he be worth a go to try and solve the current goalscoring problem?

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Anonymous said...

Apparently has great skill, balances balls on his chin for fun....

Anonymous said...

headline should read:
an answer to our financial woes.

Danny Pugsley said...

Very true - wasn't a drop in the number of concerts given as a partial explanation for the recent losses.

Anonymous said...

How many Greeks named George can one team sustain?

Anonymous said...

here's my two pennorth

Trust in Pearce to see us through to the end of the season. Let him go off and manage the U21s. Bring in Paul Simpson from PNE (if we don't pass them on the way down). The thing for me is that I don't mind losing 5-0 one week if we win 5-0 the next, but 20 goals in 29 games?! Our defensive coaching is pretty good, but our ideas of attack? Rubbish. People go to see City for entertainment, not a grinding day out.