Thursday, February 01, 2007

One more in the name of love.

Well a good and bad day news wise for the club , the bad news first as correctly predicted on these pages yesterday only Michael Ball was added to the playing staff despite reported late attempts at Mido and Andy O'Brien. The O'Brien attempt as a direct result of Nedem Onohua's latest injury, which is a crying shame for him.

On the good news front may I be the first, and possibly only blue, to stand up and applaud the club following yesterdays season ticket announcement.

The decision to set U16's season ticket prices at £95 for any part of the ground is a bold initiative that could reap dividends for years to come. My 4 year old will be certainly getting one now for next year, a quick flick though other sites shows United's lowest price (and only) at £190 and Oldham who themselves having been pushing ticket prices at £115. With a bit of luck City could corner the market.

Meanwhile Adult prices have been frozen, leading too many fans moaning on the M.E.N site claiming that prices should have been slashed mainly due to skys bumper TV deal.
Perversely some are even claiming the non-reduction is the last straw and that they are not renewing. Instead they will watch it at home or in the pub, thus lining sky's pockets further and detaching football clubs further from the fans that once kept them going.

Will be interesting too see what happens with season ticket sales for next year with many predicting a huge drop, I don't think it will be that big.

One thing is for certain Me and the Boy will be there !

Oh and Im aware of others not renewing for reasons other than finance all I can say is at the side of this page are links to bluewatch & mcfc supporters trust. Put up or shut up.

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Che Guevara, Bolivia said...

Mr Banks, I feel that your comments of "put up or shut up" aimed at Bluewatch and MCFC Supporters Trust to be out of order. They are simple trying to stimulate debate and in so doing involve the fans in the process of ticket pricing etc, neither of them have called for any action by the fans in this regard they are simply doing their bit to try and pull the fans together and perhaps you have lost sight of this. I realise that you are filling in for Danny but I seriously doubt that he would take your aggressive tone when discussing important issues like these.

Mr Banks said...

you have misunderstood , it was aimed at fans who moan about everything to do with the club , no atmosphere, rubbish service , so im not going anymore, etc etc , what i was trying to say is put or shut up - dont like the atmosphere ? join bluewatch. dont like the way the club is run join the supporters trust. i back both orginisations for the record. im sick to death of hearing city fans whine about stuff and doing nothing.
as for aggresive tones , its my article and thats my style.

any comments on the bold decision to SLASH prices for u16's ?

Che Guevara, Bolivia said...

Mr Banks, I have misunderstood and apologise. English is not my first language and as you would know I am revolutionary by nature and quick to stand up for what is right! Personally, I think the season ticket prices for the kids is great but I do wish the diehard adults had something to cheer about, even a token reduction would have gone some way. Wigan and Blackburn are leading in the lower ticket price stakes for all, it is just a shame that our Club couldn't be a leader in these sort of areas. I like you support the "trust" and the "watch" any fans willing to put time and effort into pulling fans together to play a positive part in our Club should be backed to the hilt or should I say to the death!

Wigan Blue said...

Personally, I think SP was pushed into a corner by the media and a bunch of muppet 'so-called' fans on the MEN site. Who would have gone for Mido or O'Brien for god's sake? I remember Joe Mercer mooching around the lower divisions and local teams, and coming up with Mike Summerbee, Colin Bell and Francis Lee. Stuart should stand by his own judgement. I for one, think that Giorgios is going to be a superstar. Bernardo drives me to distraction - even better than Sibierski at being in the right place at the right time, and even worse at totally fluffing his efforts. Vass just needs to stop thinking, and go with his instincts. I'm mystified by one thing - everyone is in total agreement that Sturridge "isn't ready". What does that mean, exactly? That he can score the goals, but hasn't yet perfected his goal celebrations with an appropriate Samba? Or that he can score the goals but hasn't learned to spit properly? Or am I missing something here?