Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The end for Isaksson?

The decision to restore Nicky Weaver to the starting line up following an impressive showing from Andreas Isaksson in the defeat of Portsmouth was described as the 'hardest of my career' by Stuart Pearce, but in doing so may well have pushed Isaksson towards the exit door in what would be a City career very much cut short.

I expected (and hoped) that Isaksson would get an extended run in the side to prove his worth, but Pearce can feel somewhat vindicated in his decision to select Weaver following his impressive showing against Preston on Sunday - particularly his crucial save to deny Michael Ricketts when the score was 1-0.

For me - and I know I have harped on about this before, whilst Weaver has played above expectations this season, he is not a genuine game winner and whilst he has been more than solid this season he has not 'won' us any points single handedly in the manner that Schmeichel or James have done in recent seasons.

It seems inconceivable that unless he suffers a long-term injury, he will lose his place in the side at this stage of the season and I would be surprised if Isaksson would be willing to stay on the sidelines next season unless there was some guarantee that he would feature regularly.

As well as Weaver has played - and at this stage he must be in the running for player of the season, I do feel that long term Isaksson is the better choice as the number one 'keeper, but unless there is a shift in fortunes between now and the end of the season it is looking more and more likely that Isaksson will be on the move.

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Anonymous said...

What is all the fuss about Isaksson? I doubt that any City fan knew who he was before he joined yet so many of us spout on about his ability and how he is so much better than Weaver. How do you know? In the 2 games he has played for us so far I have not been particularly impressed by his ability and he has certainly done no better than Weaver. I would rather see us sell Isaksson in the summer for a profit and buy a left sided midfielder. Leave Weaver, he has done a fine job this season.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Danny Pugsley. Isaksson is a proven international keeper who did brilliantly during the world cup. He isn't just some unknown and we certainly don't want to lose him for a few £s profit. I'd like a left sided midfielder as well though, please... Though to be fair the few times I've managed to watch DaMarcus Beasley he's looked pretty decent.

Danny Pugsley said...

Anonymous #1 - I don't think it is accurate that 'no-one knew who he (Isaksson) was', prior to joining us. From playing for Sweden and in France domestically he proved he is a keeper with undoubted talent.

I'd say Weaver has done a good job this season, but hasn't been exceptional and has definitely played above himself.

Obviously it is looking into the future and nothing is guaranteed but if we are looking at a 'keeper who is to be the number 1 for the next five years I would rather it be Isaksson.