Friday, February 09, 2007

City remain in the top 20 rich list

The annual Deloitte football money league report was released earlier this week and we have remained unchanged on last year in seventeenth position.

The background behind our appearance is as follows:

This is Manchester City's third consecutive year in the
Football Money League and the club maintain their 17th position despite a slight
fall in revenue to £61.8 million.

City's debut in the Money League resulted from their
move to the City of Manchester Stadium, which delivered a step change in
attendances and matchday revenues. Despite falling slightly in 2005/06 average
Premier League attendances were almost 43,000, the fourth highest in England.
Matchday revenue stands at £15.7 million, 25% of total revenue.

Commercial revenues in 15th place in the Premier
League, and this generated £20.6m in broadcasting revenue. A run to the 6th
round of the FA Cup helped total broadcasting revenue reach £24.2million, and
City can look forward to a significant increase in broadcasting revenue from the
Premier League's broadcast deal from 2007/08. This may see City climb further up
the Money League in coming seasons.

Looking at the breakdown of how the revenue is generated - commercial 36%, broadcasting 35% and matchday 25%, it serves to illustrate the importance of the forthcoming TV deal increase on overall revenues - and perhaps that despite falling attendances this season, it should not see too great a dent on next seasons revenue figures and lends credence to the suggestion that fans are becoming less and less of a consideration to the clubs hierarchy.

The full top twenty is as follows:

1 (1) Real Madrid
2 (6) Barcelona
3 (4) Juventus
4 (2) Man United
5 (3) Milan
6 (5) Chelsea
7 (9) Inter
8 (7) Bayern Munich
9 (10) Arsenal
10 (8) Liverpool
11 (15) Lyon
12 (11) Roma
13 (12) Newcastle
14 (14) Schalke 04
15 (13) Tottenham
16 (n/a) Hamburg
17 (17) Man City
18 (n/a) Rangers
19 (n/a) West Ham
20 (n/a) Benfica

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Anonymous said...

The fans are significantly less of a consideration for Comical Ali and his henchmen as can be seen by the debacle over season ticket renewals. Commercially, the club are going into overdrive in ideas to bleed money out of its consumers. Imagine my surprise to find an email in my inbox from the club advertising Manchester City flowers - what a fucking joke. It seems as though Comical Ali has read "How I Made Tescos an Enormous Company" and decided to try and copy. Concentrate on creating a successful side rather than trying to get me to buy flowers. PRIORITIES?????? Still, every little helps.

Danny Pugsley said...

I did also notice nice Valentine's day packages at the stadium if any of you short on ideas for next week!!

Liverpool said...

Are you sure? How can Man. City be one of the 20 richest clubs.. Well congratulations then. If they are saving for a new stadium, that's ok.