Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Transfer rumour round-up - January 23rd

I've not posted one of these for a little while and as we head into the last week of what has on the whole (not just City) been a fairly quiet transfer window, with maybe the impending deadline forcing clubs into a late scramble.

It has been confirmed that Claudio Reyna has ended his career at City to move back to the MLS - the only surprise being it took this long into the window to conclude, and brings to an end yet another disappointing City career from a player who promised much but delivered too little in a City shirt.

One player seemingly not on the move is Danny Mills, whose recent injury looks to have ended any hopes that Hull may take him either on loan or permanently.

Spanish striker Kepa - rumoured to be a City target, has landed at Upton Park where Alan Curbishley continues to spend the sort of cash he could only dream of at Charlton.

Rumoured new targets include both Jermaine Easter of Wycombe - who was rumoured to be watched during tonights Carling Cup game at Chelsea, and Gijs Lurink of AZ Alkmaar.

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Anonymous said...

from all the so called rumourspre transfer...Koren(wba),Keogh(wolves),Kepa (whu),and now have just read that Klasnic(w.bremen)is out for two months with kidney problems.Something somewhere at City is wrong whether be the scouting section(responsibilty Faz or Carr?) its not just the finance but more the lack of creativity of finding players suitable.Iwonder what Carew earns at Villa and if a deal could have been made Distin4Carew.
City as usual will wait for the last minute deals and are so in need for a transfusion of players and who knows the day after the window closes our more injury prone players(Sinclair/Trabelsi/and Beasley)will "conk"out and then what?
We shall of course hear towards the end of the season how important the position at the end is for the club- and that is the finance part.
Wake up City and show some balls!

William said...

Instead of buying quality players, sometimes I feel like the board are just biding their time until the Academy players fully mature. We would never have been able to buy our current players like Barton and Richards. Sturridge, Miller, and several others seem to show a lot of promise as well. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I suppose that, in a sense, that is one of the reasons you have an academy; so that you don't have to blow millions of pounds on players. At the same time, it seems like the club is failing to recognize (let alone solve) the problems on the field at present.

Danny Pugsley said...

'Instead of buying quality players, sometimes I feel like the board are just biding their time until the Academy players fully mature'.

If you look at the recent signings made by Pearce, they are very much short-term stop gap players on one/two year deals. Exceptions to this are Samaras and Hart who could be considered long term project.

This suggests one of two things - either they have complete faith in the young players and squad they have and feel the addition of one or two experienced players will benefit them, or they hope the young players are going to dig them out of a very big hole financially, and add a couple of players with the limited cash that can be scraped together.

All about perspective I guess.