Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poll to referee FA Cup tie

It has been announced that Graham Poll will referee the 3rd round FA Cup tie this Sunday at Sheffield Wednesday.

I can feel the confidence draining from everyone reading this right now.

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Wigan Blue said...

We'll be able to concentrate on the league then...

Watching the Everton match (yes, I was there), I saw the keeper come out, upended Darius. Penalty - no question. Last defender, so he should have been off. But Uriah gave a yellow card. And you know, that was right - he never went out to hurt our man - he just did what anyone would have done in those circumstances.

Poll never thinks in terms of proportionate response, and he certainly doesn't like us (although I don't suppose the refrain that rings around the stadium at every idiotic decision he makes exactly endears us to him).

The best we can hope for there is a draw, and just hope he doesn't book too many of our lads for nothing.