Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rosler sacked by Lillestrom

After stating yesterday that Uwe Rosler could have an influence in helping Robert Koren join the club in January, it was announced yesterday that Rosler had been sacked as coach of the club, just one day after the completion of the Norwegian season in which Lillestrom finished fourth in the table.

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Anonymous said...

Rosler was not sacked for telling City about Koren. Lillestrom was expected to win the league, but finished 4th...

Anonymous said...

Nobody i Norway expected Lillestrøm to win the league!
Lillestrøm's biggest investor, Per Berg, wasn't happy with Rôsler's media-handling. At the same time Tom Nordli became available as a new manager.
Nothing to do with Lillestrøm's 4th place in the table!

Danny Pugsley said...

Apologies for any confusion.
I wasn't implying any specific reason for
Rosler's sacking, but thanks for clearing it up anyway.

Anonymous said...

City need a coach to work with the strikers esp the young ones rosler would be ideal on a short term contract