Monday, November 06, 2006

Not happy

I picked this up from The Verdict section of The Observer yesterday:

It was dreadful - two teams just battling to stay in
The Premiership. Why? Just for the money not for any entertainment value.
Charlton were woeful and we were worse. A lot of us are wondering what the point
of watching football at this level is if staying fourth from bottom is

In general we played well across the back, but one
mistake finished it. Pearce must think of Dickov as either a fan on the pitch or
a reflection of how he'd play himself, but in The Premiership there's no room to
play someone for sentimental reasons. He's been awful.

There's no reason for turning up, except maybe as a
badge of honour. But who needs it?

An over reaction to an unlucky defeat or an accurate reflection of how things stand?

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Anonymous said...

on the face of it quite accurate, however I believe we will improve, all our recent signings are internationals and will not flop in the end.
speak again in January, but we are a mid table team without a top goalscorer.

Nijinsky said...

Oh come on... What an over-reaction! All we need is for some of the new players to bed in and sign/find a goal-scorer... Pearce is a Great Bloke.. inexperienced yes but having him as manager makes me feel good (ok.. even better) about being a Blue!
We've got to hold our nerve and stick with him... Although you're right about Dickov!

Enough said!


Wigan Blue said...


Don't they make you cry? All the comments are right (although no-one can blame Dickov for not trying). It was around this stage in their team-building efforts that Mercer and Allison went out and bought Francis Lee. I still have great hopes for Corradi and Sam Harris. They are always in position, but the finishing is woeful at times. Alright to say that they aren't getting the feeds from midfield - but they are.