Wednesday, November 01, 2006

In safe hands?

Out of all the City players who have received national media attention this season, Nicky Weaver is perhaps the one who has had the most columns inches dedicated to him so far. Quite understandable given his 'back from the dead' story from the football scrapheap to turning in some notable performances between the sticks.

It must be strange for Weaver to look at the position he is in currently to see himself as the current number 1 at the club, given the fact that a week or so before the season started he potentially faced a battle with the emerging Schmeichel and Hart for the number 2 spot behind David James - whose impeccable form and injury-free record would guarantee him the starting position.

James' sudden exit though thrust Weaver back into the spotlight, only for the club to move to sign Andreas Isaksson from Rennes and despite Stuart Pearce declaring the position was up for grabs it was hard to imagine Isaksson not taking over from James immediately.

However, an injury to the Swede in training saw Weaver start on opening day at Stamford Bridge in front of a worldwide TV audience and apart from one game (through injury) he has been an ever present, and earned several plaudits for his performances.

In fact, in some circles he has been mentioned as a possibility for the England set-up where behind Paul Robinson there is no outstanding number 2 candidate, and in truth very little experience despite the position looking as (potentially) strong as it has done for some time.

As solidly as Weaver has done though, I believe talk ofEngland is some way premature considering he has yet to put a dozen games under his belt back in the first team. I also still have doubts over certain aspects of his game - namely crosses and his command of the area, and once Isaksson is fully match fit you wonder if Pearce will be minded to take a look at him in action as he certainly talked him up following his signing.

Still, Isakkson doesn't appear to be ready any time soon so Weaver is very much the man in possession at the moment and the more decent performances he puts in over the short-term the better his long-term prospects will look.

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Anonymous said...

If he played for any of the "England Mafia" clubs he'd be guaranteed a call-up...

Big Al said...

Sorry I disagree entirely about Weaver. True he's battled back from injury and matured since his halicon days of the first division, but he is merely an average keeper who is scared to death of coming off his line to deal with crosses as examplified at Chelsea (1st and vital goal) Blackburn, Wigan. Need I continue? The club is having a difficult time and of course there is optimistic thought, as ever, about January signings and acadamy players which is all quite valid, but we will struggle as long as Weaver is in goal. The defence clearly have little confidence in him (hence Dunne's abberation at Wigan) and until we have a top quality, commanding goalkeeper, I regret to say, mid table to relegation is where we will remain.

Anonymous said...

We can't stand him. When he comes to the Valley on Saturday he will be booed by a sizeable chunk of the North stand for his despicable behaviour ...(5, 6,7? seasons ago)
He was very lucky not to be brought to book on that rainy day.

Anonymous said...

he is blue through and through and a damn site better than James. agree with the chelsea comment but the others... how can he be to blame for dunne heading into his own goal?

Anonymous said...

Weaver is crap. always has and always will be. he is frightened to come for crosses and he dives for the ball after it has hit the back of the net. james is a 100 times better than weaver. just because he is blue through and through doesnt mean he has to play for city. i know a one armed passionate city fan. does that mean he should play in net for us.