Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Independent hints at Curbishley arrival

There was an article today in The Independent which was largely based on the back of John Wardle's comments following the Wigan game which I commented on yesterday.

Picking out the main paragraph:

His words were not so much a vote of confidence in Stuart Pearce as a public declaration of despair, but the warning signs will not have been lost on the beleaguered City manager at a time when Alan Curbishley is preparing to make his Premiership return.

It seems to be an interesting move that Curbishley made by announcing he would come out of his self-imposed exile at the end of October, perhaps knowing that leading upto ten games gone in the season there would be at least one manager who was under pressure.

The article also went onto say:

Curbishley's deal to stay out of football, agreed with Charlton when he ended his 15-year tenure at The Valley last season, expires in eight days time. Under the terms of that arrangement Charlton can claim compensation from any club that appoints Curbishley as manager before 1 November but with the cut-off point fast approaching, the 48-year-old has made his intentions clear. "When I left Charlton I said I needed a break from football and I feel I have had that now," Curbishley announced on television this weekend. "Now I am just waiting to see what happens."

At the time of his departure from The Valley, Curbishley was widely thought to have taken Charlton as far as he could and the fans and players had perhaps grown too familiar with him over the years.

But, looking at the position Charlton are in this season under Dowie it has only served to enhance Curbishley's stock as they are looking a side who will face a serious battle against relegation this season - painting Curbishley in far better a light than when he left.

Looking at the obvious candidates out there for the first Premiership job to become available, then Curbishley must surely be a front-runner?

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Anonymous said...

I think that he's more likely to turn up at West Ham

Simon said...

Would he want to go to West Ham though? They're in the process of being sold (which he won't care about) with all sorts of strange and interesting players being foisted on the manager (which will bother him).

At city he'll be left to his own devices, which he likes, he'll have a great bunch of kids coming through the youth system which will be a pull and he'll have a board who will back him as much as they can but tend to shy away from big publicity.

Also don't dismiss the idea that Curbishley could be brought in as a sort of director of football, working with Pearce, rather than chucking Pearce out. Pearce has shown a lot of loyalty towards the club and is an asset to Manchester City, but his tactics are a bit wayward. Curbishley could be brought in for a two year period to help Pearce mould the team. I wouldn't dismiss that just because our board have done a whole bunch of stuff that isn't run of the mill. The whole council house thing is pretty unique, having a manager on a short term rolling contract without severance terms is pretty unique, our debt structure secured on gate receipts is unique and the Academy is turning into something that's pretty unique outside the top 3 or 4. They could set a new trend for bringing in management mentors to help younger managers find their feet, it would be just like them to try to find an inventive solution albeit one driven by desperation to avoid relegation.

Anonymous said...

good words

Anonymous said...

Firstly I am for SP staying, preferably with someone more senior or tactical minded next /or above him.
But feel there are still questions to be answered...
1)training injuries -how so many-before and after Juan Carlos Osario departure.Yet no replacement.In addition who sits up in the stands when Wigley+ earphone sit on the bench ?
2)Both Distin and Trabelsi were not playing against Wigan and yet no where on the web can you find why /if bad-somewhat unusal.
3)Having visited COMS recently with my son (flew in for 2 games Portsm/Arsen)the lack of atmosphere
compared to my days in the 60's-early 70's standing in the Kippax.Do not tell me that its because of no standing law.Look at the German league the matches are playedto crowds that are alive(Bayern M/Bremen).Filling COMS with youngsters paying 5 pounds is an excellent idea how about adding a flag/balloon /racket...something.
4)sCOUTING system or the lackof foresight.Once upon time we could have had a c/half v Buyten for a measley 2million td he is Champion League quality/Likewise Ashton-Jones (Crewe)and what about "the new Lineker" Johnson 7 mill from Palace (EPL+INTL) but no THE CLUB go for a young promising Greek striker who has proved himself in the Dutch league....for 6 million.
The game is about scoring goals,the more scored against the opposition wins you points and inturn brings you the extra revenue so much desired.There was no back up for Cole and Vassel is a player who does have injuries.
5)How many times have we heard that the more senior players have not been therefor the young players/debutants.
6)After all the PR regarding the video analysis of the players and oppposition. The results are certainly not proving to be any more beneficial than before -however good the idea is.
Nuff off my chest for now.
Ctid as always. Come Monday thrash Midds and start a run of wins home and AWAY.

Anonymous said...

An even better manager would be Co Adriaanse who, I think, is out of work. Look at his record at AZ Alkmaar (a Dutch sided probably similar to Charlton) and Porto. Porto sacked him or he resigned because they were beaten by Benfica twice in the League but they ended up as champions.