Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rumoured target signs for Charlton

Rumoured transfer target Andy Reid has left Tottenham in a £3 million move today - but instead of landing at City or Sunderland - who were also believed to be interested in him, has signed for Charlton instead.

Whilst we are clearly lacking on the left hand side of midfield, I wasn't entirely convinced that Reid was the answer as he has suffered fitness and form problems at Tottenham and according to my source at Forest lacked the motivation to really make it except for when Paul Hart was in charge.

With limited funds at his disposal (Distin sale or not) Pearce has to get it right with who he signs and in general has been measured in his dealings and I doubt whether Pearce himself was keen on bringing Reid to the club.

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Anonymous said...

Andy Reid has no real pace, due to being overweight. He could get not run pasted oppostion players due to his weight problem, which explains why he only played 24 times for Spurs.

When he first play for the Republic of Ireland, he was a lot slimmer and looked to have good potential. Roy Keane talked him up.

But unless he can slim down, he will remain a player who cannot speed down the the wing.

Therefore Charlton may have bought a dud. And Man City may have had a lucky escape.