Sunday, August 13, 2006

A not so warm welcome for David James

Has signing David James sparked a goalkeeping controversy at Portsmouth? Seems so judging by the reaction to his signing by Dean Kiely - himself only signed last season and who played a key role in staving off relegation.

Kiely was quoted as saying:

"It will be a bit of a travesty on the back of what I did last year if some sort of Hollywood-type showbiz keeper with a massive ego came in and played just because he is a big name."

A Jens Lehmann-Oliver Kahn situation in the making?

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Anonymous said...

The thing Kiely and Myself are probabley more upset about is, i dont mind being beaten or having to fight for a place, but by someone a LOT older than yourself. Why not spend extra 800k and get the keeper man city are after. He is younger better and we could get more years out of him. its FLOGGING a DEAD donkey with James.

Anonymous said...

James is still one of the best shotstoppers in the game, it's a good signing for Pompey.

Anonymous said...

Being a Pompey fan myself. I have to admit that im none to impressed with the D.J. signing.
I for 1 have slagged of D.J. every time he pulled on an England shirt, and i know im not the only one!
The only reason i can see fit to sign a 36yr old keeper is to attract other players to the club, which i hope works.
Would we have signed D.J. at 36 if he had not played for England? NO. Would D.J. have come to Pompey if his girlfriend didnt live on the south coast? NO.

Anonymous said...

As a city fan I will be sorry to see him go. However Kiely did well so I don't understand why you need him.

He kept us up when he signed and not le sulks goals. Shot stopping and 1 on 1s he is as good as anyone. His insticts are second to none. Problem is when he has to make a decision, let defender cover / run out, come for the cross / leave it - the situations always cause concern.