Thursday, July 13, 2006

Taking time out

I'll be taking a break from posting anything up for the next couple of weeks or so as I'll be away on holiday.

I hope to be back up and running around the end of the month by which time the season will be nearly upon us.

There should be more news around with more possible signings and the pre-season games coming up so feel free to fill up the comments section if you have anything to say.

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Anonymous said...

My name is Alan. Would you like me to take over whilst you are away?

Jack said...

According to Evening Standard, MEN, Sky Sports etc Spurs have offered £5mill for Micah. How fucking bad would it be if he was sold? Not only would we have to play Mills at right back, but we'd miss out on a future England captain who only turned 18 a few weeks back. If he goes then I can't see myself putting up with this shite for much longer - SWP was hard enough but this kid is younger and a better prospect. Any other thoughts

Anonymous said...

Naming no names, but the last thing British football needs is more vain, overrated players with no loyalty and a tendency to dive.
In passing, a lot of relegated Italian players are about to come onto the market. I for one hope Man City keep well away.