Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Group H

Teams: Spain, Ukraine, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.

Strength of the group: A weak group which should see the most pointless match-up in Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. Even given Spain's penchance for spectacular failure, they can't fail to get out of this group.

City link: Albert Riera was Spanish so he can count can't he?

Keep an eye on: David Villa. Could displace Raul in the staring line-up and tipped as an outside bet to be a golden boot candidate.

Expect: Spain to actually perform well in a World Cup group.

Don't expect: Ukraine to proceed to far if Andriy Shevchenko doesn't fully recover from injury.

Qualifiers: Spain and Ukraine.

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Anonymous said...

Albert still is Spanish.

All the best, Mrs Riera

Anonymous said...

Blah blah, pure theory. In practice arrogant
Spain will underachieve "again" the spanish fans will return home even more disapponted to fail getting out of an "easy group".

Mr Banks said...

Riera was french ?

Danny Pugsley said...

No, was (and still is) Spanish. He did spend a bit of time at Bordeaux in the past.