Friday, May 12, 2006

Ten released.

The club today announced that ten players are to be released this summer.

There was not too much surprise with the majority of those players released, perhaps only Sommeil, Musampa and Riera warranting new deals.

Mikkel Bischoff will go down in the annals as another 'could have been' who never fulfilled the potential promised when he signed, whilst de Vlieger, Haapala and the youngsters have not come close to the first team.

Sommeil has played well at times and made a few starts this season but in reality is only a reserve and we now have the likes of Richards, Onouha and Matt Mills who have moved ahead of him in the pecking order.

Musampa looked comfortable when he moved into the centre but by all accounts has not impressed Pearce on a couple of occasions with his attitude so this may have put Pearce off finally making his transfer permanent.

Riera is a surprise as he impressed me on a number of occasions and offered something different to other players on the books. I imagine though that the transfer fee to sign him was too steep in Pearce's opinion to provide value, but it is a concern as it does leave the midfield light and makes it imperative that two or three midfielders are now brought in - not even accounting for the possible departure of Joey Barton.

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Anonymous said...

w/out a major invester into the club,the summer will be full of transfer gossip of major transfers out of the club... Distin and Barton- unless they sign their contracts-Richards/Sturridge(let SWP transfer be a lesson to them).
From a "grand" total of 10 players
2 on loan/1 on trial/4 youth/reserves/1 goal keeper as cover/1 defender -more time on loan and on the treatment table than actually playing- and Sommeil whose contract has ended.Surely SP could have carried on with the likes of Mills/Thatcher paying half of their contracts to leave.
Enlarge the scouting system to abroad players like Benayoun (WHU)Eboue and Chimandona(?) from Wigan and look at the lower leagues.It would seem that some clubs are always ahead of us in the transfer market.. Charlton(Bent)Fulham (Bullard).