Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Reyna named in USA squad.

City midfielder Claudio Reyna has been named in the USA squad ahead of the World Cup. Reyna will be appearing in his fourth consecutive finals, and commented;

"It´s extremely special for me because, I think, growing up in America, I would have just been pleased with playing in one World Cup and now to enter my fourth World Cup is something that I can´t really get my head around that it´s happened."

Fourth consecutive World Cup? Has he played four consecutive games for us this season?

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cvmacboy said...

As an american I'm nervous by this. Claudio has not been healthy for any serious long stretch of time...well, ever. But, honestly he has not been playing regularly for City and I fear he won't be sharp.

And while I have your attention, great blog! It is because of Reyna that I have become a City supporter.