Tuesday, March 07, 2006

City announce attempt to create more atmosphere.

Taken from ecotricity.co.uk - after piped music, is this the clubs latest attempt to generate more atmosphere at the stadium?

We're proud to announce that football's biggest fan is coming soon to Premiership club, Manchester City FC... an eighty-five metre turbine.

The Sportcity Wind Turbine project is a global first in sporting history, and will single out the City of Manchester stadium as the only sporting arena in the world to have its own green energy supply. The turbine will also be used to supply energy to the homes of people in East Manchester.

We now seem to have found a definitive site for the turbine, which has
been a major headache considering the stadium is based in an urban environment.
With the local council backing the scheme we are hopeful of a successful
application. To find out more on the application and how you can voice your
opinion then go to our
online exhibition page.

Ecotricity is passionate about averting climate change through building
unobtrusive and attractive turbines, and the Manchester City turbine has been
designed by internationally celebrated architect Sir Norman Foster.

Manchester City's chief executive, Alistair Mackintosh, said:"At a time when the subjects of climate change and carbon emissions are dominating the headlines and the thoughts of the world's most powerful leaders, I am proud that Manchester City is playing a significant part in safeguarding our environment.

"The carbon emission savings from the SportCity turbine would be equivalent to that of nearly 2,000 homes and would really make strides into the long-term goal of making Manchester a truly green city."

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B.L. n.y. said...

Just as long as it's never allowed to be a Truly RED city. Nah that'll never happen, how could the collective IQ of an entire city drop so dramatically?

Anonymous said...

Put it on top of the gasworks. Sorry, forgot that's a listed building. How did the lunatics manage to take over the asylum??

Blue Spice said...

Got to confess I approve of the idea, and I don't think the turbines are ugly, so find it ahrd to see why people are against this.

MoK said...

You would say that as you're going to Australia! You won't be able to hear the thing from there.

Dan, Michelle, Max and Freya said...

I agree with Blue Spice: turbines are NOT ugly, and they send a statement out about a forward looking club with a commitment to the community in which they live. Contrast that with the carbon footprint of all those 'globalised' U****d fans flying in on a Saturday morning. I quote often have to collect my mother-in-law who gets a Saturday morning flight up fropm Heathrow. About 3 out of every 4 passengers are identifiably Reds. No wonder she suffers from travel sickness!

Blue Spice said...

(Sorry - Mok, I've read and re-read and it looks like your comment is aimed at me? Erm, I'm not going to Oz. I'd have to give up my ST!! :-) )