Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Tottenham preview.

Under Martin Jol, Tottenham have continued to progress steadily in recent times leading to many commentators billing them as the 'best of the rest' outside of the top-four sides of Chelsea, Arsenal, United and Liverpool.
Certainly, the club has made tremendous progress since Jol was appointed alongside Frank Arnesen and the duo began acquiring some of the best young talent in English football (Dawson, Davenport, Lennon, Huddlestone etc) but were jolted when Arnesen was seduced by the lure of Chelsea.
Since then Jol has began developing the team well, adding the likes of Mido and more imprtantly for this season Edgar Davids. They look a highly organised side throughout and at present sit in fourth place in the league, capitalising on some poor form by rivals Arsenal to set themselves for a Champions League challenge.
Tottenham have had the better of us in recent times, looking for their fourth win in five games at City and have won ten of sixteen all time in the Premier League but we can boast a 100% record on Sky this season.
Pearce will be hoping some of the recent endeavour shown against Chelsea and Middlesbrough can be translated into a little more quality that will ensure three points are taken.
It is difficult to see other alternatives Pearce has at the moment to alter things (assuming Haapala and Riera are not yet ready), with an ever growing reliance on Joey Barton becoming worrying, but a positive move for me may be forced by the absence of Sibierski in that Stephen Ireland may get a start.
The defence looks to have steadied itself again following the debacle at Wigan and I don't think there will be too many goals, more than likely a 1-1 draw being the outcome.

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gmpuk said...

Hi - I'm a Spurs fan and your write up on us seems very fair. I'm impressed by your side this season, and altough you have been a bit inconsistant, I know plenty of Spurs fans who think a win tomorrow is unlikely.

they all also think a lose is unlikely, so i guess that makes a draw the obvious prediction.

Anonymous said...

Tottenham must be congratulated for showing all mid table teams that what could be achieved in a short space of time .If this game was away Citeh would have had a better chance but Tottenham are one of those teams, which seems like whatever Citeh do they can not get the better of specialy at home.I have a sneaky feeling that after Arsenals draw tonight Tottenham will be more fired upto put a bit more daylight in between themselves and the teams below.I think Citeh will lose this one 0-2.

Anonymous said...

i wouldn't be 2sure of a victory. brown looks likely to play and im sure city have a goal or two in them especially with gardner likely to start. barton looks gr8 at the moment, i would say 2-2 draw. hope we try winger. lennon was looking really good b4 his injury/exclusion from the squad.realli want to see us sign pederson or ribery though. boa morte even. anyone think united might let richardson out on loan?
team for wednesday night:
kelly (tried it before last season)
lennon (tainio if fit)
like to see us try these two out together with mido going off 2african nations cup. to be honest more than half of mido's goals have been very fortunate and im still not convinced he's always 100% up for it!

Anonymous said...

Hi 10:28
I am also a spurs fan, and wish to say how impressed i am with your honesty. I hope we are at last emerging from the shadow if the Gooners. I also hope that someday city will do the same with Utd. You must have a chance with Psycho at the helm, in all things he's a great professional. i have to disagree with your prediction though. I think it will finish 1-1.

Anonymous said...

You Guys Su&*. Its 0-5 to Spurs. With Defoe scoring a hatrick

Anonymous said...

Get real, we aint that good. you obviously don't go to The Lane much

Anonymous said...

Spurs havn't travelled at night very well and are normally bad when on sky mid week,City are another middlesbough(1 good game 1 bad game)so lets hope that they have a bad night,lol,hope its a good game and shows off the talents off both sides

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike here, really hoping we don't lose to City but more than aware that it's going to be a tough game. Got alot of respect for Pearce, similar to Jol in the sense he's honest, straight talking and very passionate. Good luck for the rest of the season City (after tomorrow!)

Anonymous said...

Heart says 2-1 spurs head says draw. come on the heart,


Good luck to City after this game, Psycho is going to be an excellent manager, hopefully taking city to the next level, and in time moving into the England job

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I hope, spur would continue to win in every game! So, this time round, I think the squad will be good enough. The main point is that we have to give the young talent more time to improve and develop their skill. We need to give more chance for Roughtledge, lennon, Kelly. I believe that those players will be very important for Spurs in the near future!!! Please give them more Chances!!!! That would also be your chances, Sir. Martin Jol!!!!!!!!!!

Vietnamese Spurs' Supporter!

Sam said...

Playing on Sky has nothing to do with it, either way the players have thousands of fans watching them...

Going to be a hard game (especially with Gardner in defence), and I think it'll be a draw. Good luck with the rest of the season City, reckon you lot can go for Europe.