Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Things could get ugly...

The twenty-four hours since news broke that Joey Barton had handed in a written transfer request do not appear to have brought the two sides any closer to resolving the issue.

Firstly, Barton's agent Willie McKay spoke this morning and indicated that the decision was not down to money (or at least was no longer about it) but hinted at a lack of ambition from the club, and appearing to close the door on any reconciliation, saying:

"It's not just about money but where the club wants to go and where Joey wants to go.
Joey had a conversation with Stuart Pearce and he said he was disappointed with the offer of his contract. Speaking to Joey (on Monday), if Manchester City came up with much more than we asked at first I don't think he will sign it. That's just the way he is now".

Several newspapers this morning were openly critical of Barton's decision, especially in the wake of the way the club had stood by him over his off-field incidents and reported that the club claimed the improved contract offer would make him the second highest paid player at the club, contrary to McKay suggesting that clubs take players who came through the ranks 'for granted' when it came to contract offers.

In the last couple of hours it has emerged that City rejected a verbal offer made by Middlesbrough, and more speculative reports linked Barton with both United and Arsenal with Stuart Pearce determined to keep Barton at the club, commenting:

"The bottom line is the decision stops with me. If I say Joey is not going anywhere, he doesn't go anywhere, whether there is a third party involved or not.
It is not as if a deal can be done and without us knowing about it."

So, as the transfer window begins to close, it appears that although Barton will not be moving anywhere, there appears little common ground for the clubs to work on between now and the summer when the club will be under pressure to sell Barton before he enters the last year of his contract and his value diminishes.

Events over the last twenty-four hours do not appear to have swayed Pearce over whether to include Barton in the line-up for tomorrows game at home to Newcastle, but it will surely be a massive distraction if Barton plays, given the level of feeling this has generated already, and Pearce would be well advise to tell Barton to steer clear for this game at the very least.

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n.y. k.j said...

Unintelligent RIFF-RAFF.To qoute Sven albeit said about another scouse,"His behavior is due to his upbringing". I dearly hope he play's for the 1st 5 mins tomorrow night being subbed thereafter just to hear what his fotmer devotee's now think of him.He makes ferdinand look honorable.

Ian. said...

It seems to be a very sad state of affairs when a 23 year old former academy player won't sign a contract that makes him one of the highest wage earners at the club.
Listening to his agent on the radio this morning you have to wonder if he has been given the correct advice, allegedly his old agent wanted him to sign a new contract with City, sighting the calming effect SP has had on him.
If he wants away, then let him go and let's see if his career carries on upwards, or if it explodes in his face. Given his past I know which one my money is on!

Anonymous said...

.... lack of ambition we all know there is some truth in it.
would luv it if wecould still sign murphy tonite . he not playing 4 charlton but malenbranque is.
so there is still hope.
one more sgning pleeze ...4hours to go.

ManCunian said...

Just another mercinary All the fans who cheered him after his problems must fell let down Me I 'm finished with "heroes" jsut support the club Barton is over rated mainly by himself and having an agent like Mr 4% he deserves all the bad advice he gets So sod off Joey and finsd abetter club to play for I doubt that is possible SP get has much as possible and get in a player who unlike JB can pass to a Blue shirt

MCFC WA said...

Joey,Joey,Joey. This season you have performed with a level of consistency & maturity that has impressed. But dont get carried away with yourself. No England call up to date. 12 or 13 good perfomances this season and the offer of an average mans wage a week despite the club knowing that with your improving game comes the possibility of YOU imploding like you have so often before. Sit back take a look at your 1/2 brother and where you could well be... Apologise publicly to the Manager Fans and Board and play the rest of the season out as you half the first part. If you are anywhere near as your new agent has you believe a good offer will come... Did you ever room with ANELKA!!!