Friday, January 27, 2006

Fowler returns home.

Not exactly breaking news now I guess but it is still a shock that Robbie Fowler has moved back to Liverpool. With a bit more time over the weekend I'll try and post something a bit more in depth about Fowler's time at City but for now, here is how it will affect City, Liverpool and Fowler himself:

For City: As many on the message boards have pointed out, it leaves us woefully short up front unless the Samaras deal can go through at the eleventh hour. Ironic that a lot of the posts criticise the move, yet the majority opinion seemed to be to get rid of Fowler throughout his time at the club.
It does leave us worryingly short and the most disappointing aspect of the move is that there doesn't appear to have been a fee involved as although it is technically a loan move, we have basically given him away on a free.
However, did Stuart Pearce really have a choice? Technically yes as he is under contract until the end of the season but as Pearce said, could he really have stood in his way and denied him a move.

For Liverpool: They get another option up front until the end of the season, and should easily be able to absorb his wages (even if they are around the £35,000 a week he was supposedly on at City). Clearly, he is not the Robbie Fowler of his first spell at Anfield but he will bring a different option to the strikers they currently have and will be motivated to succeed.

For Robbie Fowler: A return home to the club he admittedly never wanted to leave in the first place. He will potentially play more games there than he would have done at City. Undoubtedly, he will also be motivated to earn a further contract from Liverpool. If not, I'm sure he will gladly hang up his boots at the end of the season having finished his career at Anfield.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to all at MCFC for allowing the second coming! Stuart Pearce is a legend and I hope Europe will be successful for you next season! Welcome home Robbie

The Shadow said...

Never thought much of Pearce before, but since he took charge at City I've got a whole new respect for the man. The most honest and down-to-earth, no-nonscence manager in the game today.

Today's events and his quote about not standing in Robbie's way just adds to that. You boys have a good man there.

Thank-you for letting us have our boy back.

Anonymous said...

quote from Robbies autobiography.
"At Manchester City ,the fans hated me. Fucking hated me. I arrived with this big price tag and a big reputation, and I was hopeless." Too f**king right mate!
After leaving Liverpool he has done absolutely nothing. You have to take injuries into account but a lot of money has still been spent on this fat waster, ask Leeds. We all thought King Kev would sort him out, then Stu had a go. A hattrick against Scunny does not justify the faith put into this parasite, so f**k off back to Liverpool and let all us CITY fans watch you score the winner in the Champions League final and say F**K OFF SCUM.
We relly need a striker now!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Am sorry he left ...but can understand his side... and Citys
(35000 aweek x 4=140000x 6months) nuff money or to add on to Samaras fee/ rent a helicopter for Malenbranque ev time he wants to go to visit family or add on to Bartons contract.
How many players will be signed now till the transfer deadline tight schedule but typical city!!
Makes one think just how much of SWP transfer fee is availiable for SP.Heres hoping that he will creative infinding the "right" players because I still feel Europe is w/thin our grasp.

Wigan Blue, Shevington said...

I suspect Mr Fowler will come to regret his decision eventually. Time after time, KK and SP gave him the opportunity to regain match fitness, when he was looking at least a stone overweight. He had the embarrassment of a manager actually announcing that he would not be played until he had got himself fit. Now he will be remembered as the striker who missed the most important penalty seen in the country for many years (I discount penalty shoot-outs). Rafa Benitez has said that he admires RF's enthusiasm. We will see if he still feels the same way when Robbie hasn't even got enthusiasm to get off his bed!