Monday, January 23, 2006

Barton speculation.

I've not seen this in any other newspaper or from any of my usual sources, but tucked away on page 69 of The Sunday Mirror yesterday was the following item (sorry, no link):

"Manchester City midfielder Joey Barton has rejected a £4.5 million move to Premiership strugglers Middlesbrough. Barton 23 was given permission to speak to the Teesside club following prolonged negotiations between the two clubs more than a week ago.
But the reformed midfielder, who turned to Tony Adams's Sprting Chance Clinic to clean up his act after he faced the sack over a series of unsavoury bust-ups, is likely to to be rewarded with a new contract for remaining loyal to City."

There has been no word from either City, Barton or Middlesbrough regarding any truth in this but if it is true to is certainly alarming. I don't think for one moment that Barton would be keen for a move to Boro, but what are the club thinking of to potentially allow arguably our most improved player of the season (and certainly most influential) to leave months after sanctioning the sale of SWP?

Coupled with the lack of transfer activity into the club and reports that the Giorgis Samaras bid could be hijacked by Everton, it lends some weight to the suspicion that there is nowhere the rumoured £10 million transfer kitty Pearce is alledged to have - if there is any available at all.

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Anonymous said...

If you ever notice, it is only the mirror that ever comes out with these stories, first Samaras now Barton. They have an history of Anti City, so basically its rubbish and not worth talking about

Anonymous said...

If Joey Barton is one of our most improved players! Could someone name the last match he remotely had any influence on? Bolton - non-existent, The derby - City's worst performer, Scunthorpe - bullied out of the first half by league one players, Spurs - oh I could go on. It was pointed out to me on Saturday that he only plays when Reyna's there to tell him what to do.

Me I would sell this over rated player and bring back Michael Brown. We could make a few bob and have a much better player. If you are not convinced think about this, compare Barton to Lake, Lomas, Flitcroft and Brown at a similar age and you will find he is nowhere the player they were at his age. Barton believes his own publicity, but unless there is a vast improvement he will cost city a top half finish and everyone will realise what I have, he is an average championship player and no more.

Anonymous said...

WE are linked with ebryone from Aardvark to ZZ Top. Until SP saya what he is doing I don't beliewve a word of it.
City till I die
Or the season tickets go up

Anonymous said...

like to see barton with better players roud him, he has far too much to do when reyna is out. with bernarbia type he will blossom.

Anonymous said...

Negative Blue without a clue??? Yes you. I think the anti-Barton comments are a bit wide of the mark!!! The recent displays of Barton are average at best agreed. They are however also the games that City have failed to perform and pick up points!!! Mmmm! Could it be he is an influential member of City's starting 11 and should be "supported" as such. You speak of City in I and WE terms. So Support the CITY!!! Steve, MCFC WA

B.L. said...

According to the sun, (yeah I know) He's just turned down the 30k a week the club have offered.....