Monday, November 14, 2005

A popular national pastime.

A little bit in the News of the World serialisation of Patrick Vieira's book yesterday was an attack on our very own David James with Vieira joining in the popular pastime of David James-bashing. As well as sharing his thoughts about how Arsenal made no effort to keep him over the summer which effectively ended his Arsenal career despite him 'never wanting to leave Arsenal', he claims England will never win anything with David James in goal (personally I don't see them winning anything without him either) and laying the blame for Englands European Championship defeat against France squarely at James feet. This, all of course despite the England captain missing a penalty which would have surely put the game beyond reach, Zidane striking an unstoppable free-kick for the equaliser and Gerrard's suicidal back pass which resulted in the conceding ofthe winning penalty.
But no, of course James is the weak link in the side preventing the sure-fire World Cup win next year.
The way in which James has conducted himself when faced with abuse he has received from the media and England supporters should be commended. Never once has he responded with an attack to the criticism (although he would be well justified to do so) and fortunately he has always come back stronger with his performances for City. Perhaps it has something to do with the support he has always received from the club, as opposed to the spineless way in which Sven-Goran Erikkson has discarded him whenever a scapegoat is conveniently needed to deflect from his own inadequacies.
I'm not sure why Vieira felt the need to include an opinion of James, but as the book conveniently forgets his flirtation withMadrid for the best part of the summer over the past few years, it maybe wise to not hold too much truck with M. Vieira's opinions on footballing matters.

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Anonymous said...

well danny, i can understand you'd want to stick up for james, you being a city fan and all. i follow the arsenal myself, and i do agree with you and many others who say viera is being a tad hypocritical in his book (to name but one, rooney's dive at old trafford that stopped our unbeaten run - well viera dived at anfield over hamann so a bit pot and kettle and all that).

whilst i always remember viera as our captain and leader, i was a bit dissapointed with some of his comments. fair enough he shouldn't slate other professionals, and also i don't see city week in week out, but even you've got to admit david james isn't england material? some great reaction saves but every other game he has a nightmare...

Danny Pugsley said...

I don't think anyone can claim that 'every other game' he has a nightmare. For City he has been near perfect since we have signed him and played a large part in keeping us up after the Seaman debacle during his first season, and I feel played a major part in our defensive improvement over the last 18 months.
As for England, I feel in the Denmark game he was badly let down by the defence.
Who is a viable alternative for the England keepers job though?