Saturday, November 26, 2005

New issue of City 'til I Cry.

Just a quick plug for City fanzine City 'til I Cry which has the new issue out in time for todays game.
Should be plenty of sellers around the ground to pick one up or alternatively email to buy a copy.

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Ed said...

I didn't see the new one?

Liverpool Fan said...

Hi Danny, just logged on and can you imagine my disappointment on discovering the there too be no exuses for that 'performance' on Saturday. Never have i seen such a poor performance from a home team.. granted Liverpool were not much better, the only difference being Liverpool's ability to grind out a result in a poor game.

Just before i go i would like to say how disappointed i was with the Manchester City fans who decided to boo there way threw the 18 second silence.

Ed said...

City fans?

It was your lot booing. Granted, it was only a small handful.

Just a self pity city