Sunday, November 20, 2005

A bridge too far.

In the name of god Stuart , and with everything that is within me , please please, No.

So a true united legend engineers his move away from the swamp and hopefully to the delights of Glasgow , where they revel in the kind of hatred he shows to everyone and everything.

Walking away from your country just when they needed you the most is bad enough , but when you add the alleged women and child beating to his CV. His outbursts of physical and verbal violence on the pitch. His disregard for his fellow professional, the outcome is simple.

The best player to grace the premiership = possibly
The biggest twat to grace the premiership = probably

I for one would not be cheering him in a blue shirt.

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Anonymous said...

Spot on mate, absolutely bang on!

Nuff Said.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for forgivng and forgeting, but not this one, no way!

Anonymous said...

Reyna,Keane,Barton with Ireland behind front two - who could stop us!! Roy Keane is still prob the best midfielder in the prem. CTID

B.L. N.Y. said...

O.K. complete twat,no arguments there, but what if said twat could give us what we need in midfeild, make us better, stronger and wind up the scum as well, surely its worth thinking about if just for that. SP HAS MY COMPLETE FAITH.

AussieBlu said...

better to hate a player and win

than to buy crap and lose, and get in debt, and sing about being the best supporters in the world, and play scunthorpe united in a league match! etc......

Forgive and Forget what?

alfie Haarland? please!

Ian said...

Too - old.

Too - often injured.

Too - Mouthy

Too - stuck up his own f***ing arse.

Please SP noooooooooooooo.


PS. Great site by the way.

furq said...

he's a prick, no doubt about it, but if Pearce reckons he could do a job for us, then i'd trust his decision. I cant see the gypo bein too "keane" on us though said...

Some of us up here in Celticland are not to over enthusiastic on him using us as a retirement home either mate.

Mr Banks said...

no i believe not . there was an article in one of the fanzines a bit back about this , written by a celtic fan who now lives and goes watching city with his mates. Keane has been saying for ages about finishing his career up there and i believe it has got up on or two peoples noses.A bit of an insult really , when im finished playing properly i will go to celtic ! know i wouldn't be happy.

Sinclair said...

Its been done before and it has worked..... ie, Terry Cooke (for a short period), Schmeichel and Andy Cole to name a few. However, this fucking gypsy is different. Certain characters are simply NOT welcome at City. I mean the likes of Ferguson, Gary Neville and Roy Keane.... oh, and any supporter with a fuckin drum!

Anonymous said...

No NO NO!!! Any Red is difficult to stomach, but we can be won over. This man, though is a psychopath, an egomaniac and a totally disruptive influence. And in addition to this, he really isn't that good any more. When Schmeichel joined us, we swallowed hard, and accepted that he still was a world-class keeper. Andy Cole hasn't put a foot wrong for us. But Roy Keane has been dining out on his reputation for too long - he doesn't deserve a first team start on merit in any team in the top half of the Premiership (probably more). Old Fatturd has been the home of many a fading player - remember Robson's last couple of seasons - it would have been embarrassing if it wasn't so funny. We don't want him - not (entirely) for who he is, but for what he isn't offering. said...

Anon- funny thing is if he joins Celtic he wouldn't get a game at the moment.

The 2 guys there Stan Petrov and Neil Lennon have been fantastic for us this season. Lenny esp, looks leaner and fitter than he has every been.

If Keane walked in to the side it could disjoint the balance that we have.

Neil Lennon keeping out Roy Keane. Never thought i would write that:-)

Dom said...

To be fair on Keane he has worn one decent Red shirt - the one Cloughie bought him from Cobh Ramblers to wear.